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    Dave Stuart Guest

    Default Cell Phone text Message via ASP Code

    How can I send a text message to a cell phone using ASP. Any info would be appreciated. I assume there is a famous sms.asp script out there somewhere.

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    Jason Cochran Guest

    Default RE: Cell Phone text Message via ASP Code

    Take a look at this:<BR><BR>http://www.serverobjects.com/products.htm#asppager<BR><BR>Jason C. Cochran<BR>Web Developer<BR>First USA<BR>syscoc@firstusa.com

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    icabod Guest

    Default cell phone email...

    I know that most cell phone companies offer what is known as &#039cell-phone-email&#039.. basically, they give you an email address<BR><BR>yourphonenumber@mobile.att.net, for instance..<BR><BR>Really all you need to do is make an email form (using CDONTS). Just make sure you limit text to 110 chars (+/- depending on phone/service).<BR><BR>I have already done this for my company&#039s intranet. We all use Nokia 5100 and 6100 series phones on ATT Wireless service. There is usually a delay.. anywhere from 60 seconds to 60 minutes.<BR>

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