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Thread: Delete a specific record.

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    Reet Guest

    Default Delete a specific record.

    I&#039ve got a submission form page that allows the user to enter the ItemID. Upon clicking the "Delete" button, it will post to the Delete page.<BR><BR>On the Delete page, I&#039ve used request.form("ItemID").<BR>But there&#039s the error on this statement:<BR><BR>DataCmd.Commandtext = "DELETE * From students Where Item_Id = Request.Form("ItemId")"<BR><BR>ItemId is a auto number field.<BR>Anyone can help me correct it?

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    Shawn Clabough Guest

    Default RE: Delete a specific record.

    Try <BR><BR>DataCmd.Commandtext = "DELETE * From students Where Item_Id = " & Request.Form("ItemId")<BR><BR>

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