Hi.<BR>I started this big thread a few days ago about a problem I have with xml, xsl, asp & hebrew, here it is:<BR>http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/showMessage.asp?F=20&M=720716&P=1#720657<BR><BR>I found out what&#039;s the problem.. I added this:<BR>Response.Charset = "windows-1255"<BR>and at first it looked like that was it..... I was wrong!<BR><BR>there&#039;s something very wierd going on now, here&#039;s the code:<BR>Set xmlDoc = Server.CreateObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument")<BR>xmlDo c.async = False<BR>xmlDoc.load(Server.MapPath("temp") & "/temp_1.xml")<BR><BR>Response.contentType = "text/xml"<BR>Response.Charset = "windows-1255"<BR>Response.write xmlDoc.xml<BR> <BR>Set xmlDoc = Nothing<BR><BR>when I load this script for the frist time it goes as plan, I get the xml document in the web browser and all, if I reload the page I get an error (xml error) and if I reload again it&#039;s fine (once again), it goes out like this....<BR><BR>I know that the problem is with the asp because if I load only the temp_1.xml file than it&#039;s always good, but with the asp it goes mad every other time.<BR><BR>does anyone have any idea what so ever of why & how something like this can happen??<BR><BR>thanks.