I want to dynamically display check boxes in my web form. I have a Reader control that uses a template. The template is a table with 3 columns and it repeats for each rows. Each cell will contain a checkbox. I want to retrieve values from my db table and place a chekbox in a table cell for each record. I also want to only display 3 checkboxes per row. Then start placing the next 3 checkboes in the following row. The problem I am having is my db table only contains 2 columns (1 is a bitflag and the 2nd for the checkbox text. I don&#039;t know how to create a templete that will allow me to do what I want. Another option that I was considering was to create a sql statement would return a record set that had six columns. Look at the example below. I&#039;m having a hard time writing a query to do this. If I can get this recordset I will not have a problem using the repeater. Can someone help me with this issue? I would like the best possible solution. I am worried about performance and server resources.<BR><BR>Thanks, <BR><BR>James<BR><BR>Example:<BR>Sample DB table<BR>Bit Flag Text Value<BR>1 TV<BR>2 Radio<BR>4 Computer<BR>8 Desk<BR>16 Chair<BR>32 Bed<BR>...<BR><BR>Sample recordset I want returned<BR>flag1 value1 flag2 value2 flag3 value3<BR>1 TV 2 Radio 4 Computer<BR>8 Desk 16 Chair 32 Bed