Hey all, I have a javascript function that is being invoked on a onchange function (textbox onchange). What this javascript function does (see code below), is it basically displays an alert box and gives focus back to that same textbox. <BR><BR>The problem is, my web page contains a couple DROPDOWN menus and whenever i click off the textbox to the dropdown (to invoke the onchange function call), the javascript function below gets executed (ie the alert displays) BUT the focus goes to the DROPDOWN instead of back to the textbox like its supposed to. This only happens when im clicking on one of the dropdowns after i leave the textbox. <BR><BR>I hope i didnt confuse u guys too much...im sorry for that, but if you could help me that would be GREAT. Thanks, <BR>______________________________________________ ___________ <BR>function alertAccountDescription(elem){ <BR><BR>var textString = trim(elem.value); <BR><BR>if (textString != ""){ <BR>if (flag){ <BR>alert("Carefully consider: Information in &#039;Account Description&#039; field will print in the address area of the statement"); <BR>flag = false; <BR>elem.blur(); <BR>elem.focus(); <BR>} <BR>} <BR>} <BR>