I am creating a user control that is a custom datagrid. My control is NOT inheriting the DataGridClass. However, I want to expose some properties in my control that mirrors those of a DataGrid. One example is the HeaderStyle-BackColor property. If you look at the memeber of the DataGrid Class, you will not see this property; you will just see "HeaderStyle", which is of type "TableItemStyle". TableItemStyle Members include the BackColor property. I do not know how to set up my property: &#039;-&#039; is invalid in a property name. So, how does the DataGrid do it? How would I define a property in a way that allows me to use inline syntax for a property whose name has a dash (&#039;-&#039;) in it.<BR><BR>This is probably a horrible explaination. I do not know how to say what I am trying to say.