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Thread: XML or XSLT

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    Default XML or XSLT

    OK lets see if i understand this<BR><BR>the XML-&#062;HTML transformation happens on the client-machine for XSLT<BR><BR>so now i require all my users to upgrade to msxml3.<BR><BR>Are there any resources out there which will explain when and why it happens on the client and possible workarounds. MS and google really have not given me anything concrete about the transformation......better yet if someone could actually explain this to me<BR><BR>

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    Default Can happen anywhere.

    You aren&#039;t limited to having to transform your XML to HTML on the client-machine.<BR><BR>In fact, I&#039;ve generally done this on the server side.<BR><BR>As for resources? I can point you to the MSXML Parser SDK documentation...<BR><BR>What do you need to know?<BR><BR>(you can e-mail me on this, if you want... dsetzer AT 27seconds DOT com)

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