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    fred Guest

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    How do you get the file download window to pop-up? I&#039ve got image files(gif, jpg, bmp) that I want people to be able to download using the window as shown in this link below. First go to this page and they have a link on the words "download the component" which essentially is this one <BR> The code they use is &#060;A HREF="/webtech/code/ZipFunctions.class"&#062;download the component&#060;/A&#062;. What makes the window pop-up and not take you to another page?

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    Mark Parter Guest

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    I think it depends on whether or not the browser (or server?)recognises the file extension. Certain file extensions will try to open, while others will attempt to download. If you have PWS running you can try this by stopping it and then accessing an asp page. Instead of running it, it will try to download it.

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