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    I have this page that calls a component that calls a stored proc.<BR>The result is request numbers, I take the request numbers and create a string that is comma delimited and place this string in a hidden variable. I also encrypt this sting before putting it in the hidden variable.<BR><BR>I have 2 production sites and 1 staging site that is identical to the production box. This all works on one of my production machines but not the other or the staging box. The staging box gives me this error "An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator.", and the other production box gives me page not found.<BR><BR>Does anyone have any ideas what could be going on. The recordset returns 10850 records.

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    Default Try showing yourself..

    .. a better error message.<BR><BR>In Internet Explorer, go to Tools --&#062; Internet Options --&#062; Advanced Tab --&#062; UNcheck the box for "Show Friendly HTTP Error Messages"<BR><BR>And, as an aside - you could potentially create the comma-delimited string inside of your stored proc to save on ASP processing. See SQLTeam.com and search for "COALESCE".

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