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    In the code below, the first alert displays NaN but the second alert does not fire. What is the proper way to evaluate NaN?<BR><BR>var num = parseInt(arguments.Value);<BR>alert (num);<BR>if (num == "NaN") {<BR> alert(num);<BR> arguments.IsValid = false;<BR>}

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    Default isNaN (eop)


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    Default NaN is *NOT* a string...

    ...it&#039;s a *condition*. Yes, when you alert() it or otherwise FORCE it to be converted to a string then it comes out as the string NaN.<BR><BR>To test for it, use the <BR> isNaN( ... ) <BR>function.<BR><BR>if ( isNaN( num ) ) <BR>{<BR> alert(arguments.Value + &#039; is not a number&#039;);<BR> arguments.IsValid = false;<BR>}<BR><BR>No point in doing alert(num) as you know the only thing that will show is "NaN".<BR><BR>

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