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    Default get printers list using .dll

    I&#039;ve the following code in a VB dll <BR><BR> For Each objPrinterList In Printers<BR> strDriverName = strDriverName & objPrinterList.DriverName <BR> Next<BR><BR>which give the list of printers on the computer.<BR><BR>The .dll is registered through MTS, when accessing the function in .asp page it does not return any printers even though there are printers install on the machine.<BR><BR>but when the same code is made as VB .exe file and run on the same machine it lists all the printers.<BR><BR>Could any one let me know how to handel this..<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>

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    Default My guess is that..

    .. it has to do with profiles.<BR><BR>If 2 people log into the machine, one person may have 5 printers, the other only 1 or none. It&#039;s how NT/XP/2000 keep track of profiles.<BR><BR>When your ASP code gets executed, it does so using the (default) user ID IUSR_&#060;machinename&#062;.

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