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    I am trying to figure out an efficient way to check if two times overlap each other. The scenario is people are selecting classes they want to take but if any of the classes overlap in any way it will detect and not allow them to add class.<BR><BR>Any tips or ideas would be appreciated.

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    Default Think about it!

    &nbsp;<BR>Just consider all the possibilities of two ranges of times.<BR><BR>I&#039;ll use S and E for one range and s and e for the other:<BR><BR>---s---e----S----E----- &#039; no overlap<BR>---s-----S---e---E----- &#039; overlap<BR>---s----S---E---e------ &#039; overlap<BR>----S--s---e---E----- &#039; overlap<BR>----S---s---E---e----- &#039; overlap<BR>----S----E---s---e---- &#039; no overlap<BR><BR>So... the only time there is NO OVERLAP is when <BR> e &#060; S<BR>or<BR> s &#062; E<BR><BR>Right? So now it&#039;s easy to test for.<BR><BR>[If it&#039;s okay for class 1 to end and 2PM and class 2 to start at 2PM, then just use<BR> e &#060;= S<BR> OR<BR> s &#062;= E<BR>instead.]<BR>

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