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    hi,<BR> <BR> in my vb application, i am using xml to pass data between two controls and dll, ocx etc.<BR><BR> my prob is earlier i was using sql server and it was working fine. now i am migrating to oracle 8i and i am having probs coz in oracle all the fields are in big caps by default. how can i change the case of the fields ?<BR><BR> select (something) as (something) won&#039;t do coz my xml won&#039;t recognize the field in the big caps.<BR> <BR> please help.<BR><BR>thanks

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    Default I don't know...

    That Oracle honors mixed case identifers. I&#039;ve never seen it if it does. A quick search hasn&#039;t found anything conclusive, but I haven&#039;t seen anything that leads me to believe that it&#039;ll let you have anything other than uppercase field names. <BR><BR>You may have to change your XML.

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