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    The best time to look for these "traditional Perseids" is during the hours before dawn on Thursday, August 12th. Set your alarm for 2 o&#039;clock in the morning; go outside; lie down on a sleeping bag with your toes pointed northeast. You&#039;ll soon see meteors racing along the Milky Way.<BR><BR>If you can&#039;t see them you can listen for them:<BR><BR><BR><BR>This is an audio link to the Naval Space Surveillance Radar in Kickapoo, Texas.<BR><BR>It basically sounds like a constant static hissing.....but every so often you hear a very ghoulish howl as a meteor screams by. Expecting around 60 per hour just before dawn.

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    informative. but as far as I know northern-hemisphere only (or less spectacular here in aus anyway).

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    .. looks like US East Coast isn&#039;t going to get to see much (rain/overcast). :(

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