hi everybody,<BR>i have a few doubt in dataset.how to add multiple tables<BR>in single oledbadapter.<BR>Eg:- In this example i am adding one table to oledbadapter<BR>dim ds as dataset<BR>dim da as oledbadapter<BR>dim rs as recordset<BR>rs=con.execute("select * from customer")<BR>da.fill(ds,rs,"customer")<BR>txtcust name.text= ds.tables(0).columns(0).tostring<BR>Like this i want to add another table called orders to same dataset how to do this,<BR>for eg:-<BR>txtcustname.text= ds.tables(0).columns(0).tostring<BR>txtorderno.tex t=ds.tables(1).columns(0).tostring<BR><BR>thanks in advance<BR>ulaga<BR>