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    Default Adding a "No Records Found" Message when:

    In one of my forms I have a drop down box that queries the database. How do I display a "No Records Found" message when someone selects an item that is not in the db. I am using Access and ASP. I heard that it can be done with EOF, but I have not been able to get it to work that way.

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    Default I don't know what you have...

    ...tried, but normally you&#039;d do this:<BR><BR>1. Open the connection<BR>2. Open the recordset<BR>3. Check with EOF is true (If rs.EOF Then ...)<BR>4. If it&#039;s true, display error message, because we can&#039;t do anything with the recordset<BR>5. If it&#039;s not true, do whatever you want with the recordset<BR>6. In any case, close the recordset<BR>7. Set recordset variable to nothing<BR>8. Close connection<BR>9. Set connection variable to nothing<BR><BR>Oliver.

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