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    i'm a student and i need some help in doing my assignment. currently my problem is that i need to code on error handling. i'm doing it in a web based form. when the user enter a programming code such as c++ into the compiler, the compiler then process and return the result. if the code contains error, the program could show the solution and guide the user step-by step solution. if the program is error free, then it could be compiled straight away and return the result in the website in the asp or language. i don't know how to do the coding and i really need help

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    are you writing this in C++ or in asp? if asp<BR><BR>on error resume next<BR><BR>&#039;then you could put something like this in <BR> if err&#060;&#062;0 then<BR> Response.Write(err.number & " " & err.description)<BR> else<BR> Response.Write("code is correct")<BR> end if<BR> on error goto 0<BR>

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