&nbsp;<BR>Hi Freinds<BR>How are u doing??i am having a problem to migrate my asp page to app.net..pls give me the idea abt that...<BR><BR>I have download the asp to asp.net migration assitant, and installed. <BR><BR>I follow the steps, but in my visual studio.net there is no <BR>convert option, when I go to file - open - option there are four option available <BR><BR>project <BR>project from web <BR>file <BR>file from web <BR><BR>convert option not available why ? <BR><BR>Please inform the problem, what is reason for this ? <BR>from where " convert " option will available in the visual studio.net cd ? <BR><BR>send the steps migrat asp to asp.net ? <BR><BR>regards. <BR><BR>Satya <BR>