I get a strange Errormessage after re-installing PWS on W98.<BR>This error accoures whenever I try to connect a Access Database.<BR><BR>Provider fel &#039 80040154&#039<BR>Klassen har inte registrerats <BR>/News/global.asa, rad 5 <BR><BR>... and in English:<BR>Provider error &#039 80040154&#039<BR>Class hasn&#039t been registered<BR>/News/global.asa, row 5<BR><BR>This is how the ASP-file looks like:<BR><BR>Set Connection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR>Connect ion.Open "driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};dbq=c:webserverdocs
ews.mdb"<BR>SQLStmt = "SELECT Namn, Url FROM links"<BR>Set RS = Connection.Execute(SQLStmt)<BR>Session("MyArray") = RS.GetRows()<BR>RS.Close<BR>Connection.Close<BR><B R>I think the problem is the config. in the ODBC configuration in the control-panel - but I don&#039t know anything about that.<BR><BR>Please help me out!