Hi all:<BR><BR>I am designing a database that will allow users to post data, like articles and websites, to a community fed system. I want users to then be able to search for articles and websites based on the topics.<BR><BR>So far, so good. I’ve got this part down pretty well. Here’s the current structure:<BR><BR>Main Topics (Like, say, Energy)<BR>&#124_ Sub Topics I (Solar, Coal, Nuclear)<BR>…&#124_Sub Topics II (Environmental Impact, Cost, Technologies…)<BR>……&#124_Resouce 1 (Website)<BR>……..Resource 2 (Website)<BR>……..Resource 3 (Newspaper Article)<BR>……..Respurce 4 (Magazine Article)<BR><BR>Still okay so far. Now, it’s obvious that many of the same resources may be appropriate for different topics and subtopics. Of course I handle that through junction tables an all is well.<BR><BR>But I want to have a brief synopsis paragraph stored with the resource that highlights its major points so that when a user calls up a page of appropriate resources they are given a basic outline of an entire topic, like so:<BR><BR>You have Chosen Solar Power<BR>______________________________<BR>1.Solar power itself is cheap but the parts to use it may be expensive.<BR>2. Bob Wilson makes solar panels.<BR>3. Solar power grows corn and skin cancers.<BR>4. A solar panel is a panel for capturing sun beams.<BR>5. Solar power needs batteries to store it.<BR><BR>Now, it’s obvious that #4 should come before #2. But HOW can I order these resources considering they may come up in other searches wherein they will NOT be grouped the same way?<BR><BR>If I add a field within the resource itself that stores an ‘Order_ID,’ then I screw myself for other searches because now the Order_ID may not be valid.<BR><BR>My solution at this point is to store a LIST of the appropriate resources IN ORDER as they relate to each compound key created by MainTopID + SubTop1_ID + SubTop2_ID. Now I can reuse the same resources and still return them in specific orders for each search.<BR><BR>Does that make sense? Am I over/underthinking this? Is there an approach that is more standard that I am just missing?<BR><BR>Any input would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Kurt<BR>