Hello, I am using VB.NET 2002 / ASP.NET / SQL Server 2000<BR><BR>I am trying to select a database table record when a name (LName) = a textbox entry. I can get this to work with a LIKE statement but when I use this;<BR><BR>"SELECT * FROM Names WHERE LName=" & txtName.text & ";"<BR><BR>I get an error - with no column called &#039;Name&#039;, where Name is the actual name (e.g Bloggs) I have put in the text box. I have tried missing off the last ";" and using "Trim" on the text box to remove any spaces. I have tried converting the text box entry to a string variable first but still same error. It works OK if I use the NameID column (an integer) but not on any text field. I suspect I have a syntax problem. My syntax seems to work with a Windows form in VB.Net, but not with an ASP.Net form. <BR><BR>Any suggestions please?<BR><BR>Thanks, Mel