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    Default PDF thru ASP

    can a PDF document be created from ASP without using any component?

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    Default In theory yes, but in practice...

    ...it&#039;s going to be very difficult. You&#039;d have to write your own PDF writer code in ASP and use that. For that you&#039;d have to get the documentation of the PDF format. I don&#039;t know whether you&#039;d have to pay for a licence also. It&#039;ll be easier to by a component.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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    Default RE: In theory yes, but in practice...

    The PDF format is, I believe, an open format.<BR><BR>Technically if you write something that will output PDF files natively then there&#039;s no royalties to pay. Only if you re-use the generation code that someone else has written (and depending on the license, of course).<BR><BR>Craig.

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