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    I am pulling my hair out regarding how the source URL should be for images, javascript, etc. when including user controls in my aspx pages. I am developing sites on my local machine (XP Pro, IIS 5.0) and can&#039;t seem to get my user controls to appear correctly. All my images are broken and I get javascript errors because it can&#039;t find the file. This is all due to how I am defining the source (I believe).<BR><BR>Since my user controls can be used at different levels within my app, I define the source as src="/images/image.gif"&#062;. The same applies to my javascript - src="/js/tabpane.js". What I think is happening is it is looking for these files at the root of my wwwroot folder. I am using VS.NET 2003 to develop my sites. Can anyone help me out? Is there a better way of organizing/setting up my site structure?

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    Try src="./images/image.gif"

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