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    Hello, I have been trying for a few weeks now to figure out this tough question and maybe someone here can help me. Im sure you&#039ve heard of alladvantage or another program where they have referral databases. I am really interested on learning how these work, expecially indirect referrals. I have already figured out how to credit for the first level but I cant get past that. I dont know how to credit the first person with an indirect referral. Does each user have their own table? Or how would you make a table to have infinite number of direct referrals. I am so anxious to figure this out so if you have any clue on how to approach this, it would be really appreciated. You can email me at or just reply to this thread. Thanks.

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    I have never tried anything like that but I am willing to take a guess. I think the way I would approach it is by turning every referral, no matter which kind, into a log. What I mean is make 1 table, and for every referral made, add a new record into the table with the appropriate information like date, time, type of referral, who the referral is for, etc.

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    Thank you so much for responding. I just dont understand if would have infinite direct referrals. Would you need to make a table with 100 fields? Or how would you make a new field with sql? Thanks.

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