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    Hi,<BR>Got to know ur address from 4guysfromrolla.....<BR>I have a query....<BR>Query:-<BR>I have three asp pages.<BR>a.asp:-Has one text box.<BR>b.asp:-Has two text boxes.<BR>c.asp:-I want to display values of those text boxes.<BR>I can display the values but once I go back from c.asp to b.asp and modify the values and again go back to a.asp from b.asp...the values does not retain.<BR>I want to retain those values.....<BR>Condidtion:-<BR>I dont want to use hidden fields,cookies and querystring.<BR>I want to use session or any other things....<BR>Please Sir do help me out....<BR>Thanking You,<BR>Jitendra Baisakh

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    Answered in Q&A<BR><BR>Craig.

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