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    Hi,<BR>Query:-<BR>I have three asp pages.<BR>a.asp:-Has one text box.<BR>b.asp:-Has two text boxes.<BR>c.asp:-I want to display values of those text boxes.<BR>I can display the values but once I go back from c.asp to b.asp and modify the values and again go back to a.asp from b.asp...the values does not retain.<BR>I want to retain those values.....<BR>Condidtion:-<BR>I dont want to use hidden fields,cookies and querystring.<BR>I want to use session or any other things....<BR>Please Sir do help me out....<BR>Thanking You,<BR>Jitendra Baisakh

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    What you&#039;re asking is the same as saying:<BR><BR>I want to get to the moon, but I don&#039;t like space suits<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default Well, if you want to use Session...

    ...variables, then do so. I don&#039;t quite understand the problem. All you need to do is store the form field values in session variables in the following page, i.e. save the ones from a.asp in b.asp and the ones from b.asp in c.asp. Then set up your form to insert those values:<BR><BR>&#060;input type="text" name="Company" value="&#060;%=Server.HTMLEncode(Session("Company" ))%&#062;"&#062;<BR><BR>Oliver.

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