How to Configure ASP.NET 1.1 for IIS 5

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Thread: How to Configure ASP.NET 1.1 for IIS 5

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    Hi<BR>We have IIS5 and ASP.NET1.1 on production server but <BR>ASP.NET is not configured so I am unable to run the .aspx files which were developed on locol machine and deployed on production server.<BR>Can anyone tell me or give useful info about how should i do configuration of ASP.NET1.1 for IIS5

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    Hi,<BR>You must upgrade your IIS before installing .NET. Plz refer the installtion manual, ConfigDetails.htm, which is located in your .net installation folder(may be Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio .NET 2003SDKv1.1SamplesSetuphtmlConfigDetails.htm) <BR>OR<BR>following are the steps to resolve this issue<BR><BR><BR>The QuickStart tutorials are written in ASP.NET and require IIS. If IIS was not installed prior to installing the SDK, ASP.NET pages will not display properly. To install IIS and ASP.NET, complete the following steps:<BR><BR>From the Add/Remove Programs applet in the Windows Control Panel, select Add/Remove Windows Components. <BR>Select Internet Information Services and complete the installation process.<BR> <BR>From the command line, navigate to the .NET version directory. For example:<BR> C:WinntMicrosoft.NETFrameworkv1.0.XXXX<BR> <BR>Run the following command:<BR> aspnet_regiis.exe -i<BR> <BR>Run the following command:<BR> iisreset.exe<BR> <BR>

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