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    Hi, <BR><BR>I&#039;ve made it possible for users to access excel spreed sheets from our Intranet. Excel can only be updated by one person at a time so when another person tries to open it, they get asked if they would like to open it with read-only permissions. Up until here everything is fine. The problem is when the user agrees to opening the file with read-only permissions from the intranet <BR>it dosen&#039;t work. Instead it opens a new browser page with "Page cannot be found" message. This only happens when the excel file is already opened by someone else, otherwise it does open the file. <BR><BR>Does anyone know what I can do about this? <BR><BR>thanks for any help, <BR>Claire

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    I have been working on a project similar to this but have gone about it differently.<BR><BR>I have provided an upload/downlaod facility whereby people can download and make the amendments without it being read only. This of course was made easier by the collation of the amended excel being a manual requirement.<BR><BR>Of course if you want multiple updates at the same time it would have to be a web form with either excel or access (or a database of choice) being the backend.

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