ok guys never really been into usercontrols in .net <BR>so here is the question. the company i am working for is creating a system that has more then 200 tables. so functionality is provided to insert update and delete,and find record for each table.<BR>i need to have 6 views<BR>an insert view for table<BR>an update view for table<BR>an delete view for table.<BR>a detailed display view for the table<BR>an find view for the table <BR>an gird view for the table which list all products for that table.<BR>say for inserting into product table<BR>productid<BR>productname,<BR>productcateg ory<BR>productcost,<BR>productdescription<BR>the page should not have any controls in design time cuz i am supposed to create a generic insert into any table these controls must be created at run time like if it creating insert for product table it should read the column schema and devleop labels and respective textboxes or listboxes (whatever business logic it defines as to how the controls should appear.<BR>and a button that does insert this time.<BR>e.g <BR>Label <BR>product Name a textbox here<BR>productcategory a listbox over here<BR><BR>therefore obviously for update these controls and every thing must be the same except they should be populated.(like textobox value filled in, and listbox selected and a button that does update this time.<BR><BR>so for delte everything must be filled except the button does delete this time.<BR>for detailed view, it is eseesntially the same but this time along with columsn displayed as labels the value for that certain row is also displayed as labels.<BR><BR>for find, everything should basically be same as insert page but this time button should find the record..<BR>for displaying a grid view for all records in any table it should i guess have to use a datagrid/datalist<BR><BR>so this explains what i want to acheive now question is, what would be the right way to start defining a usercontrol which does all that ensuring that nothing is created at design time cuz we must use this thing in all pages irrespective what tables we are connecting and what columsn we have?? and wether we are making inserts updates, delete , looking at grid view that shows all products and then hitting view to take it to detailed view, or selecting edit in the grid to an update view page. (update cannot be done inside the datagrid cuz all table records are too detail so must take it to another page for update.<BR><BR>second question is if someone thinks it i should try with a usercontrol , then why this scenario should not be implementing by creating a component.<BR>if anyone has suggestions which has details as how to start i am very intrested.<BR>this is how i think i should start to think. but not even sure if i am even thinking right.<BR><BR>i should extend the datalist. or should extend something.(cant extend datagird cuz it onlys allows data to be displayed in tabular format.( i think<BR>create a property such as display type which could take in an enum of this type<BR>girdview, ( must allow paging and sorting.)<BR>insert<BR>update<BR>delete<BR>find<BR >detailed view<BR><BR>and for each enum i define a seprate template class or probably create a generic template class which has functionality of all 6 views. and then extend each view to meet their respective enums. and runtime if i find the control must act as a insert then use insert template, or whatever i define at runtime<BR>questions.<BR>all those views other then grid view shouldn&#039;t be diffcult but how would i implement a gridview<BR>template. it is essentially different way.<BR><BR>Please help i have to come up with suggestions as to how acheive such dynamics so one control should do inserts updates,delete and view for entire system irrespective of what tables they must connect to or what columsn it must use.