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    I&#039;m placing multiple controls on separate panels to group things in a logical order. If a key field is not set then I don&#039;t display the entire panel (.visible = false). I&#039;d like the panels that are below this to all "move" up and act as if the first panel does not even exist. Right now I end up with a blank space and then panels below that which does not look very nice. Do I need to go back to doing a check using &#060;% if rdr("field") = 0 %&#062;<BR>basically embedding older style asp checks in my html. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    From code behind, you can do:<BR><BR>Panel1.Style("top") = "200px"<BR><BR>You might also have to add:<BR><BR>Panel1.Attributes.Add("positioning", "absolute")<BR><BR>On the client side, I think a panel is rendered as a DIV...<BR><BR>Not sure if that helps or not.<BR><BR><BR>

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