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    C.Srivathsan Guest

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    I am running IIS3.0 on NT4.0 Standard Server.<BR>I&#039ve created an application and for that directory i have a Global.asa. The Session_OnEnd method in that Global.asa is not getting executed<BR>I&#039ve tried testing in all possible ways.There is no way of debugging because it is IIS3.0<BR>Can anybody tell me what&#039s the reason<BR>thanks in advance<BR>C.Srivathsan<BR><BR>

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    Athens Holloway Guest

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    I am having the same problem. Session_onEnd is not executing even after setting Session.Timeout = 1 and waiting a minute, or explicitly ending the session with Session.Abandon.

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    Turnpike Guest

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    A crude way of firing Session_OnEnd Event, but it works:<BR><BR>First, call Session.Abandon method then, just open and then save the global.asa file, which immediately fires the Session_OnEnd Event.<BR><BR>Enjoy!

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