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    In one of the screens I have drop-down box and radio buttons. Radio buttons have values "Complete" and "Incomplete" . The select box has values like<BR>10<BR>20<BR>30<BR>1000<BR>2000<BR>3000<BR> 4000<BR>I need to put a javascript logic in this ASP page. The page should allow to click on radio buttons if user has selected 10,20, or 30 in the drop-box. For other values in the drop-down box it should not allow to change the value of the radio botton. I do not want to disable the radio buttons. I need to pop-up a message when they click and try to change the value. If if remember correctly we could be return(false) to implement this. But not sure about syntax. I really appreciate any suggestions in this matter.<BR><BR>Thanks much.

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    Default Add an OnClick event to..

    .. the radio button.<BR><BR>I assume you&#039;re giving your radio buttons a unique ID and one that corresponds with each dropdown list.<BR><BR>Something like:<BR>radio1; drop1<BR>radio2; drop2<BR><BR>Then, you can check the value of the corresponding dropdown list. If it&#039;s NOT in the allowable range, pop the alert error message and return false.

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