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    Default MSDE and ASP

    HI guys,<BR>Just out of curiosity...<BR><BR>Is it possible to run asp pages against an MSDE data store rather than Access?<BR><BR>If so, how is this done?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>John

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    Default RE: MSDE and ASP

    Yep. It&#039;s just like any regular ol&#039; SQL Server connection.

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    Default but I dont understand... you actually get to the database itself to construct tables etc??<BR><BR>Doesnt it bury itself within the OS?<BR><BR>John

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    Default MSDE only supports 25 concurrent users???

    according to the MS website!<BR><BR>John

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    Default So what?

    ASP only supports 10 to 20 concurrent users.<BR><BR>You have to understand, concurrent *REALLY* means "literally at the same time". That is *connected* and using it.<BR><BR>If you had more than 20 concurrent ASP users (well, IIS users, actually), then you&#039;d end up spending more time doing thread switching that you would doing work (well...unless you had a 4-CPU machine?).<BR><BR>FIVE concurrent users is probably more than enough for MSDE, in truth.<BR><BR><BR>

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