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    I can open an excel spreadsheet which opens within the browser with the following code &#060;a href="Book1.xls"&#062; but I don&#039;t know how to save the contents to the master file and not a copy locally.<BR><BR>Also, how to link to varying parts of the spreadsheet via links similar to anchors.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    Default You don't.

    When you do the &#060;a href="Book1.xls"&#062;, the file is downloaded and loaded from the user&#039;s Temporary Internet Files on their computer. That means, if they make changes, the changes are local to their computer.<BR><BR>What you can do is have the user download the file, make changes and reupload it. Alternatively, you can provide Edit forms on your site to manage the content of the Excelsheet.<BR><BR>As for the link to a specific place in the Excel spreadsheet - I highly doubt that you can do this.

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