hi all,<BR>I have some queries related to asp dotnet deployment project setup listed below.<BR>i m making a setup of my asp.net application by setup & deployment project in .net.<BR>i just drag & drop my all web forms & dlls in bin folder.<BR>setup automatically search for all the dependent dlls & include them in the project as well automatically.<BR>it is good enough..but in my case it is adding some of the dlls twice??????<BR>my problem is that when i build my project to make a setup, it gives two warning <BR>first about having two dlls with same name & version no.<BR>second it says that mscorlib can&#039;t be found.<BR><BR>i tried to add mcorlib manually in the bin folder of the setup by adding a refernce to it..but it didn&#039;t work.<BR>my setup works fine...but i m afraid it may flash some error in some particular condition.<BR>to be very sure i should know the exact reason.<BR>if anyone can suggest sth...i would be very thankful to him/her.<BR><BR>thanks <BR>--------------------------------<BR>From: sachin kansal<BR>