Hi all<BR>I m facing a problem in asp.net. <BR>The problem is as follows…<BR>We have an image control whose url property is set to an aspx page which further returns the image. ie <BR><BR>this.ImagePreview.ImageUrl = "DocPreview.aspx”; <BR><BR>Ideally what should happen is that every time the above line is encountered, page load of “DocPreview.aspx” should be called.<BR><BR>The control of execution always comes to this line, but for the first time it enters into the page load event of “DocPreview.aspx” .<BR>From second time onwards, the page load of “DocPreview.aspx” is not called.<BR><BR>We also found the following behavior of the execution flow:-<BR>1. if we refresh the page (using F5) then the page load of “DocPreview.aspx” gets called. <BR>2. if we make any other control with AutoPostBack property set to true then also the page load of “DocPreview.aspx” gets called. <BR>Please suggest any solution?<BR><BR>Thanks-<BR>sachin kansal<BR>