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Thread: Need help with addressing selection criteria!

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    Default Need help with addressing selection criteria!

    Any chance you guys could help me sugarcoat these questions? Its for a web developer&#039;s position. State government job.<BR><BR>1. High-level knowledge of current industry trends and demonstrated active participation in self-development to maintain a contemporary knowledge of current technologies<BR><BR>2. Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain websites and applications in line with client needs, including associated documentation and procedures where applicable<BR><BR>3. Demonstrated knowledge of the principles and techniques of web site architecture, design and user interaction. <BR><BR>Thanks boys! Any help would be appreciated!<BR><BR>late nights...<BR><BR>

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    What do you mean by sugar coating? What you have looks pretty clear..Are you looking for specific details to add? More general criteria?

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    Default Just some additional input

    I can answer these questions ok, but would like some additional insight as to how best I should<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>late nights.

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    Ah! I thought you were writing a job discription.<BR><BR>1) Talk about a new technology that you&#039;re learning, particularly if you&#039;ve taken the initiative to learn it on your own time. For instance, if you&#039;re messing around with the .Net V2 betas, talk about some of the new features there, and more importantly, specific features or tools that you&#039;re looking forward to becuase they&#039;ll improve some current process or product, or reduce current costs, and how you&#039;ll integrate or replace the current with the new. <BR><BR>2) If you&#039;ve had client interaction in the past, hit that here. Or, perhaps, development management processes that you&#039;re using. <BR><BR>3) Architectual work that you&#039;ve done, functional modules of applications that you&#039;ve built, I&#039;d hit this sort of thing to cover this point.<BR><BR>Hopefully this will be a bit of a help.<BR><BR>Good luck!<BR><BR>

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