&#060;javascript&#062;<BR><BR>function LaunchReport()<BR>{<BR>var theForm=getForm();<BR>var mySelection = theForm.getSelection();<BR><BR>OBJ_KEYS= new Array();<BR>var FormObjects = mySelection.getFormObjectsEx(null);<BR>for (var i=0; i &#060; FormObjects.size(); i++)<BR>{<BR>var mySelKeys = (FormObjects.item(i).getKey());<BR>OBJ_KEYS[i] = mySelKeys;<BR>}<BR>var newWindow=window.open("http://mysite/reports/points.asp?OBJ_KEYS="+OBJ_KEYS,"newWindow","toolba r=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar= no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=700,height=2 50");<BR>}<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR>Even though above script is javascript, my question is asp related.<BR><BR>I have a form with several little symbols.<BR>These symbols belong to an object on the form.<BR>For instance, the above script is about an object called spills.<BR>There are several symbols that represent various types of spills that can potentially happen in a particular area.<BR>There could be water spills, oil spills, sewer spills, etc.<BR>So each symbol represents each spill type.<BR>A green symbol could represent sewer, red symbol could represent oil and a blue symbol could represent water.<BR>When you click on a symbol, it makes a call to an asp page called points.asp.<BR>This asp page basically selects records from the database where id = object Key. This object key is passed to this asp page by the above javascript script.<BR><BR>So after this javascript makes a call to the asp script, the asp determines whether or not there is a record on the database that matches the key being passed to it.<BR>If there is a match, detailed records relating to the key is displayed.<BR>If there are no records, there is a message indicating so.<BR>So far, so good. This part works great.<BR><BR>Now, I have been asked to do something more challenging to me and I am hoping I can solicit some help from kind experts like you, please.<BR><BR>I am asked to create several objects on this form (It used to be one object).<BR>Each object will have a checkbox and a radio button.<BR><BR>What this means is that if I need to get a record about a particular object, all I need to do is select the checkbox next to that object (This gives selects the object), then check a radio button next to that object (this indicates that I am about to pull a report about this particular object only).<BR><BR>If I then click on a symbol, (again, a key of that object will be passed to the javascript above), the javascript will invoke the asp code which in turn checks the database to see if the record exists.<BR><BR>Here is my problem so far,<BR>I believe I know what to do to solve this problem.<BR>I am just having difficulty approaching a solution.<BR><BR>I need to modify my asp code with a series of IF statements or CASE statements that says when a symbol on a form is clicked and javascript makes a call to this asp form, the first thing the asp form needs to do is determine which object the key belongs to, then verifies if there is a record matching that key.<BR>For instance, if I have 3 objects on my form, let&#039;s call them Spills, Accidents, Traffic Counts, when I place a checkmark on a checkbox next to Spills, so far, it makes all the symbols on the form visible.<BR>If I then click on any of the symbols, I will like to see a report of the symbol.<BR><BR>I just don&#039;t know how to go about doing this.<BR><BR>If I need to clarify a portion or all of this text, please advise.<BR><BR>I really need help on this.<BR>Thanks to you in advance.