I have a treeview control on a page and my tree structure looks like this<BR><BR>config<BR>---authentication<BR>---application<BR>---sites<BR>------site A<BR>------site B<BR>------site c<BR><BR>Node values config, authentication, sites are hardcoded values and will never change. However node values site A, B and C are dynamic and can change at any time. This data is saved in an xml file like this<BR>&#060;site name="Site A" URL=""/&#062;<BR>&#060;site name="Site B" URL=""/&#062;<BR>&#060;site name="Site C" URL=""/&#062;<BR><BR>On page load, I want to read these values from the xml file and populate my tree control. How do I do this?<BR><BR>I started off with <BR><BR>mynode = treeview1.SelectedNodes["Sites"]<BR>mynode.Add("Site A")<BR><BR>But this is not working. Please help me. How do you make selectedNode point to a particual node?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>-Ramaa