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    Hi All,<BR>There is one query result which display several records on new page, one below one. My question is i have to hyperlink each displayed record and when i click on each record, it should be displayed in popup window and complete one record information of particular hyperlink should be display. How can i do this. This is urgent.Pl.Help

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    Hi, when u use do...loop to display the records, just put hyperlink for the record name or any things<BR>for eg...<BR><BR>do while not Rs.eof<BR><BR>&#060;A Href =more.asp?id =&#060;%=Rs("Id")%&#062; target="_blank"&#062;&#060;%=Rs("Name")%&#062;&#06 0;/font&#062;&#060;/td&#062;<BR><BR>Rs.movenext<BR>loop<BR><BR>so..u pass in a id value to the popup window, in the more.asp, just get the record from the database again using the id.<BR><BR>I prefer use so that can do some adjustment to the popup window. Mail me at if you want to have more information<BR><BR>good luck!<BR><BR><BR>regards,<BR>ahbao

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