I have been working on this for days, please help! <BR>this is a Datagrid of <BR>Page size = 10 ( not included subheader which is product catagory).<BR>Cannot add in the datasouce before databind().<BR><BR>I want to have a Datagrid that display products which come with category field (visible=false in datagrid) . So, i check and add in a new DataGridItem as header that show product group. In everyrow i have a checkbox which allow user to check and pick the product. <BR>here is the problem, after adding new DataGridItem, i loop through the DataGrid and the getting the wrong data. If i have added 3 subHeader, the original item will be push down to index of 10,11,12 by the 3 subHeader. which mean the subHeaders do take up the checkbox and cause mismatch in the looping. <BR><BR>I loop through all the checkbox to see if they are checked and get the row values.<BR>i have tried to change the itemindex, and dataset index. <BR><BR>Any help will be greatly appreciated. <BR>