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    So I&#039;m making a newsletter script that will be used to send newsletters to a high number of addresses. In most newsletter scripts (the ones I&#039;ve seen at least), a database of emails is iterated through, set up a CDONTS component, sending the mail, set the component back to nothing, repeat.<BR><BR>For a large number of emails, though, this would cause the script to "hang." I want the user sending the mail to be able to click the send button and instantaneously see a "finished" page. If I were using the above method for thousands of emails, I could even possibly get a timeout error it would take so long.<BR><BR>Is there any way to hurry up this task at all? I thought of setting up the emails to a single, comma-delimited string and setting to "to" field to the string, so only one email would be sent, but then everybody on the list could get all of the emails, which is a big no-no.<BR><BR>Any ideas?

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    Default Send them in the BCC field <nm>


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