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    I have a form on one page where someone selects a bunch of options and details about a specific category. Then on the next page they fill out a form with contact information, name, address, email, etc. Well what I want to know is when they click Submit on that contact form is there a way to have it so it goes through and searches the database for any that match the state and county(which they will select from a dropdown)?? So what I basically want right now is for the first form to be filled out, then the second form to be filled out, then when they are submitted it will go through the database and select everyone in there with that state and category, then on the next page display the results of both forms and the matches in the db(obviously whatever fields I want it to display). I already have both forms(basic html), I already have the dynamic dropdown for state and county(classic asp), what Im wondering is how do I put that dynamic dropdown in the contact form and then when submitted it will go through and search the db based on what was selected there. Would this be some sort of onClick for the submit button tellin it to search the db based on the dropdown or how would I get started on something like this? There will be other information on the dropdown like name address email so one problem I was wondering about was my dropdown menu. When you select the state it refreshes the page and then loads the counties, so wouldnt that erase anything that was filled out on the form? Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default What?

    give us an example.<BR><BR>Maybe this time throw in some line breaks<BR><BR>

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