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    i have lot of doubts in session&#039;s<BR><BR>1. for the session variobles where the memory will be created ?<BR>2. when client browser doesn&#039;t support the cookies is the session variobles work ?<BR>3. when the session_On_End will fire?<BR>4. If the client close&#039;s the browser at that time session_On_End will fied or not <BR>5. When the Session_OnStart will fire<BR> first request of as ASP page or any page<BR><BR><BR>i want quick reply i am waiting for the reply<BR><BR><BR> Thank You<BR> Prasad<BR>

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    1. Memory isn&#039;t created. Unless you have some sort of RAM-fabricating machine attached to your system. You mean "allocated"? On the server, of course.<BR><BR>2. If clients don&#039;t support cookies at all then sessions won&#039;t work. Typically, though, even if persistant-cookies are turned off, the client will still accept per-session cookies (cookies that die when the browser is closed)<BR><BR>3. On session timeout, theoretically. But you can&#039;t do anything much in that subroutine due to the protection level, so you probably don&#039;t care.<BR><BR>4. No - on session timeout. The browser closing is a client-side event that the server is never informed of.<BR><BR>5. Good question. First request of any ASP page. If the request does not force the ASP.DLL file to be executed, the global.asa will not be executed.<BR><BR>Craig.

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