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    Hi, I have an online order entry program that uses customized Dlls to interact with the SQL server. We have two systems on the one commerce 2000 server - our production system and a test system (development is on another server). Yesterday morning we started getting an error on the test system - I corrected the problem by copying over the development Dlls from our dev box, uninstalling and reinstalling them - this corrected the problem. At 3:30 yesterday afternoon our production system starting getting the same generic DLL error, which I corrected in the same way. I thought maybe our DLLs just somehow got corrupted. I came in this morning to find out again that our test system was down with the same error. I tried to just uninstall and reinstall the DLLs, but I had to once again copy DLLs over. The DLLs are all the same size and we have run a full up-to-date virus scan with no luck. I am concerned that this is going to be a daily occurence. There have been no changes to either system at all for three weeks.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!

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    Default I think by un- and reinstalling...

    ...the DLLs you&#039;re just curing the symptons and not the cause. I think you need to work out what&#039;s going on and whether it really is the DLLs that are causing the problem and not the code that&#039;s running on the server.<BR><BR>But then, I can&#039;t say for sure whether it&#039;s the code. I just think it&#039;s unlikely it&#039;s the DLLs, unless they are custom ones and contain bugs themselves.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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