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    Does anyone really know the full deal on SHTML (meaning files with .shtml)<BR><BR>i can&#039t get a straight answer anywhere, whats the deal, what does it stand for, whats so good about it, and where can i find out lots about it.. ?<BR><BR>thankx alot if anyone can help me =)<BR><BR>(would be great if someone notified me a response by email thankx)

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    The SHTML extension is just there to tell the server to read through the file and look for server side includes. Otherwise the server will just send the file to the browser without actually looking inside of it.<BR><BR>Server side includes let you insert other content into the page. For example: If all you pages have a common navigation section, you could save the html for that as nav.html. Then put SSI calls to the file inplace of the actual content in all your pages. When the server serves the pages it will replace the SSI calls with the contents of the file. Now if you need to change the navigation, you only need to change one filei instead of your whole site.

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