In this intranet system, I&#039;ve got to do a Reports Section.<BR>I&#039;ve never done this and I&#039;m wondering what is the best way to do it...<BR>Each Report will be basically a query that is run and bring results when the user clicks on a certain link. <BR><BR>Results are on a table and can be exported to an excel spreadsheet.<BR><BR>What would be the best way to do this?<BR>One page with each query, or a page which has a querystring and depending on the query string it calls a different query?<BR>Or any other way?<BR><BR>There will be many queries (around 30) divided by modules (around 5) and some of them can bring quite a few thousands records. <BR>So, I&#039;d like to find a simple and effective way to do this....<BR><BR>Thank you so much!!!