hi all,<BR> how can i set width for a &#060;td&#062; which should work in netscape, which i am generating dynamically <BR><BR>using Javascript. This is the code i have used, the width i set is working in IE, but it is not <BR><BR>working in Netscape. Hope u guys will give me a solution.<BR><BR> id="displaytable";<BR> var tbody = document.getElementById(id).getElementsByTagName(" TBODY")[0];<BR><BR> var rowempty = document.createElement("TR");<BR> rowempty.setAttribute("id","tr"+counter);<BR><BR> var row1= document.createElement("TR");<BR> row1.setAttribute("id","tr"+counter);<BR><BR> var tdf1 = document.createElement("TD");<BR> td1.setAttribute("width","42%");<BR> td1.innerHTML="First Name"<BR> <BR> row1.appendChild(td1);<BR><BR> tbody.appendChild(row1);<BR><BR>Thank u<BR>Sujay