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    Aaron J Spetner Guest

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    I have a secure web which requires a login name and password.<BR>Is there any asp method I can use to log out the user, thereby requiring him to re-enter his username and password if he would attempt to access any other pages on the web?<BR>P.S. I tried session.abandon, but that did not work.

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    Matthew M Tang Guest

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    If session variable is used to keep a user in login state, the same method applies to log-out. Say, by the time the user successfully login, we set session("logon")=true. This will keep the user in protected pages until he/she clicks logout link, which links to an asp page to set session("logon") = false, then redirect to other unprotected page. <BR><BR>Also, a user cookie could be used in the page level. That is, each protected page should have the validation code at the beginning to check existence of the cookie. When logging out, simply set the user cookie to an empty string or null as<BR><BR>Response.cookies("user_cookie") = "" or null<BR><BR>Hope it helps.

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    Icabod Guest

    Default Is this NTFS/NTLM Authentication?

    Normally I run a validation script on each protected page so I could set ACCESS to FALSE and log out the user..<BR><BR>With NT security, it is very different... and of course the only thing I can think of is Session.Abandon, which obviously is not working for you.<BR><BR>So, specify what kind of security is begin used.. maybe there&#039s a better way to end a session.

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