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    Guys,<BR>Im developing a web application that caters for both internal and external members. Thing is, Im a little stuck as to how I should handle this.<BR><BR>Should I throw member details into one table or into two. The information im gathering is completely different therefor my initial thoughts were to go two tables. But now its becoming more and more obvious that it may be overly complicated. As Im constantly having to identify the user type and set the page accordingly...<BR><BR>AAAGGGGHHH..its doing my head in.<BR><BR>Any thoughts guys??<BR><BR>John

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    Default too vague?

    It has to be compatible with a palm pilot too by the way!<BR><BR>hehehehe....

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    Default I think the platform this is...

    ...going to run on shouldn&#039;t be a concern at this stage. I think you need to get the basic database design right. Then you can worry about whether it&#039;s going to run on the platform you want. You can always optimize and de-normalize later to make it run quicker.<BR><BR>If you really have two completely different sets of information, then two tables are the obvious answer. Otherwise you end up with lots of empty columns for one user type, and another lot of empty columns for the other user type. However, you may want to have one table where you store those bits that are the same for both, such as user type, name, address, phone number, etc. Then you can link in the other details later.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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    Default I'd do the 3 tables.

    One table for Users which stores the common information and includes a User Type.<BR><BR>And then 2 tables for the type-specific information.<BR><BR>OR - another option is to use 1 table for the common information. And then a 2nd table for the unique information. But, the 2nd table would be in a KEY/VALUE pair format:<BR><BR>Table: UserInfo<BR>Fields: UserId, Key, Value<BR>Example Data:<BR>God, Address, 123 Any Street<BR>God, Title, Supreme Gimp<BR><BR>-Doug

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